Happy: Face Roller | Jade

Happy: Face Roller | Jade

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Happy Facial rollers and Gua Sha tools are considered the best made in the market and are loved by celebrities and Beauty Editors alike! Facial rollers were a long-guarded beauty secret in the royal courts of Imperial China. They are a centuries-old tool with principles founded in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to help maintain the body’s balance through the flow of Qi. My Ama, Chinese for grandmother, used it as part of her daily regimen – the only affordable luxury she had for herself as a single mother of nine.

Happy Facial Rollers help:

  1. Tone and tighten your skin
  2. Relieve sinus congestion 
  3. Improve blood circulation and skin tone
  4. Decrease facial puffiness
  5. Reduce puffy eyes and circles
  6. Promote lymphatic drainage
  7. Ease muscle and jaw tension 

Rolling helps your skin care products get a better 'sink' into the skin. Use it in conjunction with your creams, serums, moisturizers and/or sheet masks. Jade is a symbol of grace, beauty and health in Chinese culture. It is also known to balance your Qi energy, creating inner-peace and harmony. This makes it the perfect Morning Roller for the Qi energy works to revitalize your skin which helps you stay fresh and energized all day long. May you feel valued, accepted and cared for with Happy Natural Products, a Canadian company.

About Happy: Beauty from within... "I was inspired by my grandmother's daily rituals and developed Happy products for everyday families who are looking to make the switch to a more natural lifestyle." Jennifer Uy, Founder of Happy Natural Products. AN ODE TO THE STRONG, RESILIENT AND BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IN HER FAMILY, HAPPY PRODUCTS ARE FUNCTIONAL AND A CUT ABOVE. MADE FOR A BEAUTIFUL, STRONG AND HAPPY WORLD.